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We control the Digital and the Analog

At Army Issue Surplus we promote the Store on-line and give our Followers and Customers a Digital opportunity to shop with us.
We also entertain people who walk through our physical Door from the street. Customers, Clients and Curiosities.
The Digital and the Analog experiences are different we see many clients who want to see the product and get a hands on experience before they make a purchase. Some don’t want a tangible trackable connection to any purchases they make in preparation for the end of Civilization.
We enjoy a greater geographical reach in the Digital world where the physical constraints of the Square footage inside our domain are removed and the abilities to enter and leave our business are solely dependent on your web connection and your schedule. Environmental, logistical and tactile conditions are removed only you and the product are in play.

One way or another we control the Digital and the Analog.
If you need help, in a Jam or pursued by Agent Smith get to a phone booth and call this # 905 271 1665

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