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Un-Boarded, a little at a Time.

Hey Kids, we are returning to Normal in Port Credit,the Bars will be open to 2 am again!

So we are taking the Boards down. Slowly at first, not cause were Chicken. 

But there have been sooo many people Taking Pictures and Selfies

With Rosie the Riveter and against the Red Sign and the Nurse

We want to give our Neighbours Guests

“a Shot” at them in good weather too. 


But for you, our loyal clients,

we are happy to welcome you back

for in-store Shopping

Starting Saturday June 12

TWO  at a time,

Wednesday     Noon To  5

Thursday         Noon To  5

Friday              Noon To  5

Saturday         Noon To  5

Sunday           Noon To  5

……and like the Toilet seat, It’s down Again….Locked Down

This is becoming Old Hat now so We will do Curbside Pick up
Wednesday and Saturday Noon to 5

Email if you are interested in anything we monitor emails
sales @ armyissue . com
rather than sit on the Phone at the empty shop.
We are there occasionally to process shipping orders
so you are welcome to call 905 271 1665
If we are there we’ll pick up.
You can let us know what you are looking for
and we can meet you on the shops porch
to chose between Multi Cam or Woodland
Payment in Person or On-line still available.
Stay Healthy The good weathers upon us again.

We’re Back, Shop’s Open under the new rules of Lockdown version 6.3

We will open for In-Store Purchasing on

Wednesday March Noon-5
Thursday March Noon-5
Friday March Noon-5
Saturday March Noon-5
Sunday March Noon-5

28 Days Of Lock Down

We are in the Lock Down Zone in Port Credit Mississauga!

Order Online
Call us 905 271 1665
We are still working to get orders out of the store
Wednesday & Saturday
Noon To 5

See FaceBook Army Issue Surplus Inc for deals and updates 

or Instagram @Armyissuecanada  

I got an Email referring to this post

“That old fella is my friend, now deceased, Cpl Stanley Fields, RCE.
He landed on Juno Beach ahead of the assault infantry with the mission to remove obstacles so the other guys could land.
The Canadian Military Engineer Association named one of its 10 student bursaries after Stan.
The other names are all officers, VC winners, or distinguished long service soldiers.
He was a stalwart at our Remembrance Day parades and services.

I really don’t mind you using his picture, but respectfully, please identify him.

Terry in Ottawa”

We have no words to express the gratitude for the work and sacrifices of Cpl Stanley Fields and his comrades.
I have met several Vets of WWII through the shop and found them to be exemplary quality people that are rare to find anymore.
We have a better appreciation for these hero’s now that we have a better understanding of their mettle and of the horrors they braved, for us.

Growing up in the 1970s we all knew what Veterans looked like and who they were what they did.

Now they look a lot different, some times you can’t tell who they are,

but they did the same Job


They fought for the French, the Italians, the Dutch.

They fought for the Innocents of Kandahar, Panjwai, and Kabul


Canada this country born of Immigrants and Refugees,

from all corners of the earth,

our young, strong and bright

fill the uniforms, parade squares and duties

of the Soldiers that went before them.

Those that perhaps liberated them their families and their countries.


A Poppy, a symbol of respect, gratitude

and a marker to recognize an unpayable debt.

Deadly Grounds Coffee and Halloween Masks

We found Halloween Coffee and It’s awesome!

We still carry the Black Rifle Coffee Canada and we have had such a great clamouring to it we chose to buttress it with

Deadly Grounds

Deadly Grounds Coffee offers a wide variety of Traditional Roasts and Flavoured Coffee’s that are both Tasty and Timely.

We’ve also discovered some Face Masks for the season that are delightful and creepy

because Halloween 2020

You’re gonna need both

Masks and a Good Cuppa!


How long is this Bumpy Road ?

We’ll we added Camouflage Masks to our inventory!

We also have cool Caps with Shields and Bucket hats coming.   

Our Covid-19 Hours are still Noon to 5 Wednesday to Sunday.

We’re Open for Business! Noon to 5 Wednesday to Sunday!

Windows are still covered but we are opening for more hours of Walk in.

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and  Sunday Noon to 5

Masks are recommended and its a small shop we like to keep two customers in at a time.

Come Shopping for Summer stuff Tact Gear and Toys

We missed you too!


Between Seasons Eh.

It’s not Spring yet but I’m tired of Winter.
It’s still Winter, we have Sproing stuff showing up and Winter stuff still on the shelves!
Buy now its the best chance you’ll have all year, next Fall you can proudly announce that you got a Good One and you can’t wait to test it out!
Yup, you’ll be looking forward to a great winter.
Time flies.
Enjoy your Foof Canons!
Before Flea and Tick season starts.

Oh No, It’s really winter now.

Well the Christmas New Years have come and gone the Family Visits and Road Trips are mostly behind us and the Kiddies have returned to school….
There’s nothing on the Horizon,
and we protest,
What about Ice Fishing

and Snowmobiling

and Skiing

Yeah don’t feel too bad if all you want to do is stay inside for the better part of a week.
But like a smart Bear you wanna make sure you are prepared for a Good Hi-Bear-Nite.
Come in or Click to see our selection of warm and comfortable stuff.

Wrap up warm, have enough supplies to be comfortable, and a stack of Good books, Board games, food and drink to last.
Let it snow, Let It snow, let it snow.