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New Location Is Painted, WoW Red Eh!?

OKAY Should be a little easier to find us now!
312 Lake Shore Road West Mississauga Port Credit.
905 271 1665
Second Block west of Mississauga Road
Facing the Lake

New Store Location 312 Lakeshore West & New Hours!

312 Lakeshore West is just 1 Kilometer west of the Credit River

and our Original location. 


TUE 11 – 6 .

WED 11 – 6 .

THU 12 – 7 .

FRI 12 – 7 .

SAT 10 – 6 .

SUN 12 – 5 .

Use our phone number 905 271 1665

for the most accurate results. 


Emergency Preparedness and other Hobbies.


Ice Storms, Black outs, Flooding,
the government has asked us all to have a 3 day survival plan and have extended it to a 72 hour plan
(ha ha just kidding) to a week.
Could you cobble a week of food water heat and entertainment together with whats in your home?
Maybe you need to haul out of the home to go some where else that’s less volatile or more secure.
Can you get there? When you get there can you ensure the basics?
There are all kinds of problems in an emergency situation.
Even the GIF above demonstrated that wth a little planning things will go a lot better.
Don’t think so? That’s a BIG RED button and the doors Crash bar was designed to allow for GTFO.
So maybe you feel confident in your abilities but there is always improvements.
Let us help you with some of that.
Water Storage, Food, Shelter, Bug Out Bags, Fire Starters, bush knives, lights, prepper gear.
we can also spice up your day with the crazy Conspiracy theories, Government plots, false flag missions and Zombies. ;)

We control the Digital and the Analog

At Army Issue Surplus we promote the Store on-line and give our Followers and Customers a Digital opportunity to shop with us.
We also entertain people who walk through our physical Door from the street. Customers, Clients and Curiosities.
The Digital and the Analog experiences are different we see many clients who want to see the product and get a hands on experience before they make a purchase. Some don’t want a tangible trackable connection to any purchases they make in preparation for the end of Civilization.
We enjoy a greater geographical reach in the Digital world where the physical constraints of the Square footage inside our domain are removed and the abilities to enter and leave our business are solely dependent on your web connection and your schedule. Environmental, logistical and tactile conditions are removed only you and the product are in play.

One way or another we control the Digital and the Analog.
If you need help, in a Jam or pursued by Agent Smith get to a phone booth and call this # 905 271 1665



The powers out and you do what next?
Have you got something at home in case the power doesn’t come back soon?
Have you got some food, water, light, heat, entertainment, and communications?

What happened? Doesn’t matter yet, you either have it or you don’t,
If you want to get it now there will be a significant amount of completion for it.
You should have been better prepared.

I’m not suggesting that anything will happen.
I’m firmly planted in the “I hope nothing happens” camp
But should something happen it’s better to be prepared.
“I’m going to Costco & locking the doors” is the equivalent of “my retirement plan is to win the lottery”

There are many examples of major crisis in the media, so much that it has become part of our culture.
Zombie Apocalypse * Alien invasions * Global Viral outbreak
Economic Collapse * Nuclear Meltdown * Environmental Catastrophe
So when you try to start a cool conversation about Preparedness the average citizen’s mind goes straight to the Extremes above.
Most people who ‘Prep’ as a hobby aim much lower.
Black out * Ice Storm * Chemical Spill * Industrial Explosion
Flooding * Terror Attack * Train derailment * General Unrest

Being prepared means different things to most of our community members. A family of 4 has more needs than a single young person in the same community.
A single young person in a home in a rural community and a single young person on the 32 floor of a condo tower in a major urban center have different challenges.

It usually starts the same way, with no warning and where ever you happen to be.

We don’t have all the answers or all the stuff you’ll need,
but we are a very good start point.

Any Surplus shop will have some of the things you’ll need,
We have decades of experience and lots of information to help get you prepared.

Good Reviews are always appreciated!

Good morning,

I’d like to give you some feedback from my recent order, Order #1000. I got my boots last week, and they’re everything I hoped they would be! They fit great, and I’m really pleased with the condition they’re in, given how hard they are to find.
I placed my order with you guys four days after ordering some other gear from a different retailer. I haven’t seen any shipment or tracking info from them yet, and their customer service is abysmal. I want you guys to know that you’re doing things right. Keep up the good work!


Army Issue Surplus Inc.

Army Issue Surplus Inc.
312 Lakeshore Road West
Mississauga, Ontario
L5H 1G8
Phone: 905-271-1665


If you’re here anyway there’s a bunch of neat shops, restaurants, bars, and parks. This is why people say they are from Port Credit, not Mississauga.