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The Airsoft Doctor Is “IN”

Dude, I sell Pants! If I could fix wires and gears and what ever else is in them ASG’s, I wouldn’t have to sell pants. Army Issue has established a relationship with one of the most respected Airsoft Docs in GTA. We can take your Airsoft and have them repaired, Up-Graded, Down-Graded, Tight Bored, Tuned, Shimmed, Lubed, Hybridized, Cannibalized, Cyborg-ized or Zombified. Parts and service are available. Email us to see if we can help, or drop it off and we’ll get it diagnosed and give you a quote. If it’s not worth fixing we can help you into a new one.

Please be discreet. We have a great selection of “Peels Finest” usually with in a stones throw of the shop, if they’re not inside already. Remember Safety Third, If you cannot bring it in a bag or case, don’t bring it at all!

ALS Ice Bucket Challange


Army Issue Tactical & Airsoft

Well we’ve gone and done it, on April 6 2013 we opened the doors for Army Issue Tactical & Airsoft. Doors will be open for all our regular and new clients to have their first visit and have a look at what we’ve kept tight lipped about for the last few months.
Army Issue Surplus Inc has expanded its retail space and its inventory.


We have opened a new floor! Above the existing Army Issue Surplus store is a whole new floor actually larger than the main floor. It’s been filling with Airsoft Guns and Gear and accessories, what we have in GBBR’s, AEG’s, Spring snipers rifles, Revolvers and pistols, you’ll have to see for yourself.   We also have an expanding selection of pistol and rifle accessories and gear for Range Game players.  What’s in Rifle cases, Tactical Vest, Molle pouches and Velcro patches even ’wow cool dude’ stuff, you’ll have to see for yourself.

The new floor is open come check it out. Our employee for the upper floor had to take a medical leave so our downstairs personnel will have to take you upstairs on request as we have a man power shortage. We are hoping to get back to normal soon.



Army Issue Surplus Inc.

Army Issue Surplus Inc.
1 Stavebank Road North
Mississauga, Ontario
L5G 2T3
Phone: 905-271-1665

The store hours are
CLOSED on Mondays
SUNDAY 1200AM – 500PM


If you’re here anyway there’s a bunch of neat shops, restaurants, bars, and parks. This is why people say they are from Port Credit, not Mississauga.
Port Credit, it's in Mississauga! Hurontario & Lakeshore